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    • Brian Burley’s priority is to replenish our Police Department to Pre-Recession numbers. We currently have 222 sworn officers. Before the Great Recession we had 237 sworn officers. Our police officers are spread way too thin and they deserve our support. This goal will take time as Burley has stated we must first implement a long-term financial plan to deal with the economic fallout of the current pandemic. 

    • Homelessness: Huntington Beach currently only has two Police officers dedicated to the homeless issue. These officers are tasked with responding to calls and getting homeless individuals into contact with non-profits that can provide help. Two officers are simply not enough to address this issue. The officers Brian Burley has spoken with have stated that we need eight officers dedicated to addressing the homeless issue. These officers typically have a background in social work and they get homeless individuals into contact with non-profits that can provide help. Brian will prioritize that more of our city’s resources are dedicated to homelessness.


    • Our next City Council needs leaders that are prepared to deal with the revenue shortages and budget deficits that have resulted from COVID-19 shutdowns. Brian Burley is prepared and he is the leader our city desperately needs right now!

    • Burley will ensure our city establishes a More Secure Long-Term Financial Plan (LTFP). Currently our city is supposed to budget five years in advance. However, our city often only has one to three years published. Our city needs a secure long-term financial plan in order to prepare for the unpredictable. Brian Burley will advocate for our city to adopt a 10-year budget framework. This budget would be updated annually when the City Council approves the Annual Budget. This budget will serve as a road-map for how our city can accomplish its’ priorities.

    • Brian Burley wants the city to establish a Rainy-Day Fund. Two years ago, Brian Burley stated, “During times of recession, the first reaction of government is to lay workers off or cut services. I am proposing a Rainy-Day Fund in our budget so that we don’t have make these types of cuts when recessions take place…I am proposing that this fund makes up 0.5 percent of the budget”. With the budget shortfalls from this pandemic, Burley’s plan would have protected our community from loss of services. Brian Burley will fight for this proposal when he is on the Council.

    • Burley is in Favor of Paying Down Unfunded Pension Liabilities. Brian Burley will work to implement a Pension Pay-down Plan. This Plan will prioritize paying down our city’s liabilities much like the “One Equals Five” approach that our city has utilized in past budgets.


    • Read Brian Burley’s Pandemic and Reopening Approach at the link below


    • Improve Traffic Technology

      • Only 1/3 of our city’s 140 streetlights citywide are connected, synchronized and can be seen by a computer in City Hall. Brian’s goal is to have our city review proposals that would implement Adaptive Traffic Control Technology. This initiative would synchronize all city wide so that you no longer have to wait at lights. It shouldn’t take over 25 minutes to get across Huntington Beach during moderate traffic congestion. 

    • Complete A Higher Percentage of Capital Investment Projects (CIP)

      • In 2016/2017 86.7 percent of all CIP projects were completed. Our city has lowered that goal to 85 percent in recent budgets. Our City Charter mandates that at least 15 percent of our annual budget is allocated for infrastructure. Infrastructure is a high priority for Brian Burley and he wants our city to complete at least 90 percent of all projects annually. 


    • Brian Burley will protect our Oceans, Wetlands and other protected lands. Brian took on the biggest special interest PAC in our city two years ago and that PAC was aiming to eventually develope on our protected lands including our wetlands. The biggest PAC in our city folded and is no longer trying to buy elections in our city since I exposed their corruption in our elections.

    • Brian Burley is in favor of preserving our Open Spaces, Parks & Beaches. Burley will do everything in his power to preserve the details that make Huntington Beach such an amazing place to call home.

    • Brian Burley believes our parks should become fully Non-Toxic. The City of HB piloted a Non-Toxic program. The importance of this program is that is protected our children from harmful roundup and pesticides that have been found to cause cancer and other health issues.