This pandemic makes it especially clear that we need leaders that are prepared to set a good example. In the City of Huntington Beach, our City Officials often times appear under-prepared and asleep at the wheel. Our leaders pushed off reopening of businesses for weeks if not months. They did not understand how WE ALL ARE ESSENTIAL.

Unfortunately, our current City Council has not illustrated a clear plan for how to navigate through a pandemic. When we closed down in March, we had no plan in place when it came to reopening. Shortly after this, there were fears that our City Council would deem which businesses are necessary. I wrote to the City Council on April 20th demonstrating how we need a plan to gradually reopen in early May. My intentions were that if we gradually opened throughout May and June that we wouldn’t overburden our local hospitals. The health professionals I spoke to said this was a sound plan. My approach would have been to look at the hospitalization rates and to increase business capacity for every 10 days that hospitalization rates remained steady. The idea I discussed was a 25-50-75-100 capacity plan. With every 10 days of steady hospitalization rates, we would’ve increased seating capacity.


Instead our City Council did not lead. Orange County reopened everything abruptly with little guidance on how we can protect our vulnerable. This could have been avoided. Now the power-hungry leaders throughout our state and county have used this lack of planning to once again take control and make decisions for cities in our state that they probably cannot even find on a map.


Every city should formulate their own plan as this pandemic impacts every community differently. 

Now more than ever, we need a leader that isn’t afraid to chart out plans. That is what I will do when I am on our City Council. I will make sure that going forward we are as prepared as possible.  

My plan would have protected our vulnerable while avoiding the bankruptcy of many local establishments.