Two years ago, Brian Burley took on the biggest special interest in the city and he won! Burley exposed how the biggest political action committee (PAC) was trying to essentially purchase seats on our City Council. Burley also warned our community that this PAC was attempting to developed on our protected lands and wetlands. In 2018, Burley stated that, “we need to prioritize development that meets our infrastructure needs”. Brian’s chief concern was development that was being approved that was not up to code and that would potentially eliminate coastal parking spaces.

In 2018, Brian met with the Chamber of Commerce PAC, which he believed should be acting in good faith to the small businesses and dedicated business owners here in Huntington Beach. As Brian Burley detailed publicly, the interviewers of the PAC were poking and prodding at candidates with the sole purpose of getting their views on development rather than the questions concerning our local businesses. Brian Burley realized the issue at hand when each of the interviewers notified him that they were developers. Not a single local business owner was involved in the candidate interviews, which Burley called out privately at the candidate interviews and then publicly for months throughout 2018.  

In August, Brian Burley participated in a Candidate Forum that was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. Brian stated during his closing statements that, “You know last week I met with the Chamber of Commerce PAC. I view it as a two-part organization. There’s the small business owners that work really, really hard and they are represented by the Chamber of Commerce in a lot of ways as they network at events. And then there’s the political action committee (PAC) which might as well be called the Chamber of Developers.”

Brian Burley would eventually spread word about this PAC throughout the community at community meetings and candidate forums. He would cite campaign spending that benefited his opponents and he would echo the conflict of interest that was clear with some of his opponent’s voting records.

The biggest PAC in our city folded and is no longer trying to buy elections in our city since Burley exposed their corruption in our elections.

In Brian Burley’s recent March 2020 Orange County Central Committee race he would go on to expose many of the corporate interests that were trying to influence our local, state and national races as well. This led to Brian Burley winning all but one Huntington Beach precinct in his OC Central Committee election. In an impressive victory, Brian Burley won the Huntington Beach popular vote in this race as he earned almost twice as many votes as second place vote-getter in Huntington Beach.

While no other candidate in this race has spoken up or said a word, Brian Burley has consistently stood up for our community. Burley is the leader our community desperately needs right now.