As your Congressman, I WILL…

· Advocate for Tax Relief to Families and Business Owners

· Take a Stand Against Illegal Immigration

· Fully Support Our Law Enforcement and Our Military

· Fight to Restore American Family Values

One voter recently asked me, “Brian you are young, how do you know you won’t get into office and turn into the rest of them?” I turned to the voter and explained how I will always be able to look myself in the mirror. That I am beholden to no one. That I have a mother and a God looking down on me and that I want to make sure that every time I go to bed at night everything I did was done in a way that would not disappoint those that I love. That is why you can trust me to never sell out. 

I am running for Congress because my passion in life is public service and I believe that running for Congress is my calling in life. We can do better in Washington. I know my campaign, my platform and my story is one that voters can relate to, which is something that is sorely lacking with many of our current elected officials.

My story starts in a small town in Michigan where my father was a forklift operator and my mother was a waitress and an accountant. I grew up seeing my grandfather start his automotive consulting business which motivated me to eventually start my own business. As the Great Recession swept over our state, things were challenging. Then, just as this all occurred, my mother was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer of the appendix. Doctors told her she would have just six months to live.

I first moved to California in 2007 when my mother had moved out West in order to receive cancer treatment at the City of Hope. From the very first moment I stood on the beach in Huntington Beach, it was my dream to own a home here in California.

Four years later in 2011, my mother would unfortunately pass away. I lived below the poverty line, moved several times, pulled myself out of poverty and earned a degree in Political Economy from my dream school, USC. This would all eventually lead to obtaining a great information technology job as well as purchasing my first home in Huntington Beach aka Surf City USA. 

This experience was tough at a young age, but it made me realize the amazing support system around me. It made me realize that I was fortunate to have had help from family and friends in that time of need. So many others are not as fortunate to have that support.

I do not always speak about my story along the campaign trail because in my opinion, far too often candidates use their stories to get the sympathy vote. However, that story of falling down and questioning the world around me made me realize I wanted to give back. It made me want to help others that feel their voice is not heard and that feel underrepresented and for that matter, that feel as if the leaders that represent them do not understand their day-to-day struggles. I can tell you that I do understand how some of you feel. I understand the burdens of student loan debt. I understand the challenge of starting your own business. I understand the fear of losing one’s house or living under the poverty line. I understand the fear of raising children in a world where it seems that our American Family values are deteriorating. 


I understand what it is like to have to pull yourself up, even when your future is not certain.

My campaign, my platform and my candidacy represent that understanding and the need for new leadership that can relate to the struggles of everyday people. 

That is why my campaign is For Our Country and For Our Future. 
We are all so fortunate to live in a country that Ronald Reagan proclaimed as a Beacon of Light and a Shining City on a Hill, but right now we are not reaching our potential as a country. 

I graciously ask for your support and help to spread the word so that I will be able to represent you and do everything in my power to help us reach that potential!

Thank you and God-Bless,

Brian Burley