Brian Burley is OUR Republican Candidate for the United States House of Representatives in California’s 47th Congressional District.
Prior to running for Congress, Brian worked in the information technology field where he currently owns an information technology consulting company.

Brian was raised in a small Midwest town in Michigan where his father was a forklift
operator and his mother was both a waitress and an accountant.

Brian Burley first came out west in 2007 to visit his mother, who had moved to California to receive cancer treatment at the City of Hope. Brian immediately fell in love with California. While his mother would sadly pass away in 2011, Brian's experience with her illness helped him realize his dream to fight on behalf of others going through hardship. Brian’s passion for public service and calling to run for Congress was the eventual result of
his life experiences.

After losing his mother, Brian worked tirelessly to pull himself out from below the poverty line. Brian Burley then attended California State University: Fullerton but quickly transferred to his dream school, University of Southern California where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Economy and then his Masters of Public Policy. While at USC, Brian served as a Funding Delegate, where he voted on matters concerning the allocation of tuition funds to campus organizations and causes. Brian Burley also worked closely with elected officials and candidates throughout his professional career.

Brian currently serves on the Orange County Central Committee for the Republican Party. Out of all candidates and elected officials in Orange County, Brian Burley currently has the highest NRA rating. He is also the only CA45 candidate to sign the Term Limits Pledge

Brian Burley is also known for his strong stance against illegal immigration. Notably,
Burley was endorsed by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC in 2020.
Brian Burley is running on a Pro-Life, Pro-Law Enforcement, Pro-Second Amendment, and Pro-Constitution platform. His Christian faith is the central component to his life and why he is running. Brian Burley’s campaign is ‘For Our Country.’ And ‘For Our Future’.

Brian Burley is seeking to represent California’s 47th Congressional District.

Quick Bio

Occupation: Business Owner

Positions: Elected Member to the Orange Country Central Committee

Degree: Masters of Public Policy at the University of Southern California